Omnichannel Conference 2019 Speaker

Tim Walters

Tim Walters

The Content Advisory
Principal Strategist and Privacy Lead

Dr. Tim Walters is a principal strategist and the privacy lead at The Content Advisory, as well as a contributing analyst for the Content Marketing Institute and TechGDPR. In his writing, advising, and public speaking, Tim aims to help both enterprises and solution providers come to terms with customer experience management (CXM) – while also respecting the privacy and personal data of consumers.

His publications include "The GDPR Launches a New Era For Customer Experience Management," "Content Marketing In the Digital Driver's Seat," and "Deliver Peak Experiences With Interactive Content.”

Prior to DCG, Tim was a Senior Analyst and Advisor at Forrester Research, and director of international marketing and strategy for FatWire Software. Earlier, he was a professor at the University of Rochester and New York University.

Omnichannel Conference 2019 session(s)

[Presentation] The GDPR Meets Omnichannel: Trainwreck or Golden Opportunity?