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OmnichannelX is the world’s first conference dedicated to helping organisations build strong personal relationships with their audience. Many talents are involved in this process – from writers and designers, to marketing strategists and digital developers.

At OmnichannelX, we’re bringing together the best and the brightest in the field in a single room so they can share their success stories, tell tales of their early failures, and explain the techniques they’ve used to make their omnichannel initiatives successful. These are people who have a deep understanding of the “trees” as well as the benefits of the “forest”.

There are six half-day workshops on the first day (three options in the morning, and three more in the afternoon), followed by a two-track conference on the next two days. And there will be lots of time to network with your peers and get good advice from industry experts. We’re keeping the conference small so you get valuable one-on-one time with our speakers and your fellow attendees. So, when registration open for 2020 get your ticket before it sells out!

What is "Omnichannel"?

Omnichannel is content and experience orchestration across multiple touch-points. That means aligning content, design, governance, and systems around the customer journey.

Why should you attend?

If you are passionate about communication and want to use your talents even more effectively, this is your opportunity to learn from the best in the business.


Brands who spoke at OmnichannelX 2019



The Omnichannel Quad

Every successful omnichannel initiative considers four key areas. This simple framework helps one understand how all effective communications are related. 


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