2021: Omnichannel workshop

The cross-team CX review

Find and fix your gaps for stronger business impact

Your content may seem solid and strategic and when you look at each type of content individually—app, emails, podcast. But have you evaluated how all your content works together, the way your customers encounter it?

Mismatches in tone, messaging, or details bubble up when you analyze the full customer content experience. But you need a framework and an action plan to effectively and *diplomatically* tackle such a review with people in roles across your company–marketing, brand, product management, and more.

In this workshop, learn how to see and react to your content as your customers do; identify, prioritize, and fix the disconnects that you uncover; and calculate how these improvements in content experience improve your company’s bottom line. Finally, learn how to help your organization prevent content disconnects for future success.


What you’ll learn

  • How to create a content experience evaluation framework
  • Which colleagues to involve (design, marketing, customer service, sales, localization) and when
  • Ways to present the “befores” and “afters” of your content experience review to management–without throwing yourself or others under the bus.

Session leader(s):