Watch Free: Crossphase – How to build an omnichannel team

Watch one of the most popular sessions from the 2020 OmnichannelX Conference, free.

It’s hard enough to build a modern digital team for maintaining your website or application. So how do you put together and optimize a great omnichannel content team? 

Content Strategy specialists from the agency Crossphase have made a science of the art of hiring, assembling, and building your content team. Tim Hanse and Tjeerd Schopman presented “The Content Specialist’s skillset: how to build a multidisciplinary team to tackle the full omnichannel challenge” and it was one of the top-rated of the year.

The team will be back on the 2021 programme with a case study implementation of this model, which was a runaway success when applied at multinational technology company.   



Learn from and network with the likes of Google's head of UX, Mastercard, Microsoft, Eli Lilly, Electronic Arts, and many more.

Watch and learn

  • Three developments in digital content that changed the way Crossphase work
  • Three domains of digital where their model is applicable
  • Three use cases where their skillset model can be used: hiring, assembling, and developing omnichannel team