Omnichannel Conference 2019 Speaker

Yuri Vedenin

Yuri Vedenin

Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of UXPressia, founder and UX coach at training center ITMINE. Yuri is on a mission to help organizations and teams to become more human-centric.

He has co-founded and actively contributes to the three professional communities in Belarus: for UX specialists, Product Managers and Business Analysts. Yuri conducts workshops and speaks at different conferences related to UX, CX and Product Development all over the world: EuroIA (Dublin), UX Salon (Tel Aviv), World Information Day (Berlin), Product Development Days (Krakow), UXistanbul (Istanbul), ProfsoUX (Saint-Petersburg), etc.

Omnichannel Conference 2019 session(s)

[Presentation] – Omnichannel Customer Journey Map and your product metrics
When: 17:20 – Friday, February 01
Where: Polder 1 & 2