Omnichannel Conference 2019 Speaker

Ashira Prossack

Ashira Prossack

Prossack Consulting
Millennial & Gen Z Engagement Expert

Ashira Prossack is a Millennial & Gen Z expert working to break down generational stereotypes and bridge the gap between generations. She helps companies understand, engage, attract, and retain Millennial and Gen Z talent, and coaches the next generation of leaders to develop business and management skills and advance their careers.

A Millennial herself, Ashira offers companies an inside perspective into what shapes Millennial and Gen Z behavior and actions. She draws on her own experience from both sides of business and offers insights from a manager and employee perspective. Clients call her a Generational Translator for her ability to help them connect across all generations.

Ashira’s background includes 13 years in Management and HR at companies in America, plus 2 years abroad in Europe. Prior to her work as a consultant, Ashira spent 5 years in Retail Management & HR with a focus on Talent Development and Employee Engagement.

Omnichannel Conference 2019 session(s)

[Presentation] – Move over millennials, Gen Z is Here!
When: – Thursday, January 01