Omnichannel Conference 2019 Speaker

John O'Gorman

John O'Gorman

Quantum Semantics
Principal and Chief Disambiguation Officer

John O'Gorman is a thirty-year veteran in the information management space, with projects ranging from activity-based costing to executive information reporting systems, to content management and almost everything in between. His 'practical magic' approach and business language focus have proven popular - and effective - with developers, end users and C-level executives alike. He is the inventor of an EIM framework known as 'Q6' and co-founder, with Robert Vane of Calopus Solutions Limited in the UK of the first technology agnostic, language neutral and domain independent information architecture called Q6FSA.

John lives in a self-built log home in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies with his wife, Judy.

Omnichannel Conference 2019 session(s)

[Presentation] One, done and won: A revolutionary approach to semantic interoperability