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Jeffrey MacIntyre

Jeffrey MacIntyre

Bucket Studio
@jeffmacintyre @thisisBucket

Jeffrey MacIntyre is a personalization consultant who also specializes in experience optimization and content operations.

He writes ? Bucket List, a newsletter of tales from the trenches of connected experience read by folks at Shopify, Nike, McDonald's, and Lowe's.

Jeffrey runs ? Bucket Studio, a boutique personalization consultancy dedicated to shovel-ready solutions and rapid results from connected experiences. Jeff is a widely published writer, speaker, and founding fellow of the Consortium of Personalization Professionals.

His clients include Best Buy, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Condé Nast, Consumer Reports, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Mailchimp, Mastercard, NBCUniversal, News Corporation, Philips, Thomson Reuters, UNICEF, Universal Music, University of Michigan, Viacom, Vimeo, and Yahoo!

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