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Tim Hanse

Tim Hanse

Digital Consultant

Tim Hanse, a content management consultant at Crossphase, the leading content management agency in the Netherlands, is one of the few global specialists in web content migrations and how to effectively organize those migration projects.

With over 8 years of experience in planning and managing successful content migrations for Fortune 500 brands.

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Additional content

Article: The consequences of headless for your content organisation
And then, suddenly, it’s there. A headless CMS. And unfortunately, it’s not that easy to get rid of, either. But what should I do with it as a content manager?

Article: Headless: Trend or breaking point?
Headless. Decoupled. Hybrid. Agile. All types of CM Systems that you need to have NOW. Yesterday, actually.

Interview – Twitter Chat: Addressing common difficulties in your content workflow with Crossphase
In this live Twitter chat with Tim Hanse, principal consultant at Crossphase, an agency of content specialists, we’ll be addressing common difficulties in organisational workflows and teaming structures that hold brands back from omnichannel success.

Interview – [NL]: De ene contentmanager is de andere niet: zo stel je wél het goede contentteam samen
Een gesprek met Tim Hanse en Tjeerd Schopman, over wat en wie je nodig hebt voor omnichannel-succes.

Past event sessions

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2021Optimising your omnichannel team: A case study

2020The Content Specialist’s skillset: how to build a multidisciplinary team to tackle the full omnichannel challenge