2022: Omnichannel presentation

What’s brand got to do with it? Building better experiences with the BCE model

If we strip it all back to basics, a winning omnichannel strategy starts with just two things:

  • An understanding of our users needs, wants and motivations
  • Clarity of our organisation’s goals, objectives and vision.

Sitting at the intersection of these two things is our brand. Not just what we say it is or how we present ourselves, our brand is equally defined by our community’s experience of us and the pre-existing contexts and assumptions that they bring to their interactions with us.

And yet, with brand strategies still based on models developed in the 1950s and 1960s, their utility in the development of a content or user experience strategy is often limited. And when it comes to designing omnichannel experiences, this is a crying shame since brand could very easily be the glue that holds the whole experience together.

In this session, Tracy Playle will share for the first time her brand-content-experience (BCE) model for relationship strategy. We’ll look at how the three components must fit together and inform one another, and importantly we’ll take a look at what a forward-thinking brand strategy – ready to power an omnichannel strategy – might really look like, and how we might work with our organisations to transform our approaches.


What you’ll learn

  • How Brand, Content, and Experience work together to help you achieve your goals
  • How to create a brand strategy that will make your omnichannel strategy even better
  • How to unite the goals, objectives and working styles of brand and content professionals