2021: Omnichannel presentation

Turning your traditional CMS into a superior collaboration system

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What happens when we throw the old technology and processes associated with traditional web CMS publishing out the window? Let’s explore the case study where a development team listened to the unique needs of a team of content authors who had to publish reports to channels as diverse as PDF, email, SMS, and web pages in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment. In this session, you’ll get a tour of the design process and the collaborative CMS they designed and built.

Traditional content management processes have formed organically in response to the way traditional web CMS systems work; The work adapted to the tool, instead of the tool to the work. In this project, we went the opposite way to help content creators achieve their goals. By giving them just the right amount of structural guidance, they were freed up to build processes that worked for them while slashing time-to-market and avoiding the dangers and waste inherent in duplicating content and manual effort across channels.


What you’ll learn

In this session, participants will learn methods used by EK to design a partially decoupled Drupal CMS. Participants will gain knowledge of:

  • Microservices architecture design and integration with Drupal via REST APIs
  • Development strategies to facilitate unstructured content entry and back-end storage of structured content
  • Multichannel publishing via microservices, including creating web-based, email, PDF, and SMS versions of content