2022: Omnichannel presentation

Transforming the customer experience by changing the operating model

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As a company expands, so does the needs of its customer experience. The offering gets more complex, as does the product. More customers lead to more audiences, more customer journeys, more languages in more markets. This often leads to more content – and more kinds of content. How does a company quickly scale to handle the increased demands? And how does this translate into a strong customer experience with continual content production in multiple media?

In the case of Unmind, the transformation happened from the inside out. The company realised that to be able to deliver rich media to global audiences, it needed to adopt a tight operating model which enabled them to produce content with more efficiency, and also enabled them to expand the kinds of content they were able to offer for a richer experience for their customers.


What you’ll learn

  • Get a better understanding of the connection between an operating model and customer experience,
  • Understand how content operations enables an omnichannel experience, and
  • Learn how multiple systems work together to exponentially increase the efficiency of content production.