2022: Omnichannel keynote

The Global Metaverse

China and the West lessons learned

You’ve probably heard about “The Metaverse” … but that’s only the Western Metaverse. The digital ecology — technology, behaviour, adoption, ecosystem — have all had a different evolutionary path in China since 2009.

For every Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter; there was WeChat, Baidu, Alibaba, Weibo in China; with less fragmentation, and deeper connection to people, economy and culture. This also applies to the Chinese Metaverse. Some technologies are prohibited, leading to others maturing further, and some just being used differently.

We will take a look at these cases in China and key differences from the West. Any organisation, especially global brands, wanting to get into the Metaverse can learn from these examples to form their Metaverse strategy.


What you’ll learn

  • The technical landscape differences in the Global Metaverse
  • The key use cases in China
  • What The West and Chinese Metaverses can learn from each other.