2020: Omnichannel presentation

The Content Specialist’s skillset: how to build a multidisciplinary team to tackle the full omnichannel challenge

The Digital market is changing faster and faster and has forced companies to take more skills in-house. Since we cannot expect one single person to fully master all of the skills and capabilities needed for today’s omnichannel processes, we need multidisciplinary teams covering all of the skills needed. But how do you measure such a skillset? And how do you define the missing skills in your team?

We’ve developed a model that can help you:

  • structure your omnichannel team,
  • build effective job specs for today’s digital, and
  • resource your projects for success.

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OmniXConf 2020 – Tim Hanse, Tjeerd Schopman, Crossphase – The Content Specialists skillset from OmnichannelX Conference on Vimeo.