2021: Omnichannel keynote

The biological imperative for omnichannel strategy

Where nature meets nurture

After two years of researching the overlap of content, cognitive science, and neurobiology, Noz Urbina presents his findings on how content and brand live in the brain.

The resulting research is relatable, intelligible, and actually a lot of fun. The thesis put forward: Structured, semantic content is better suited to the brain’s natural processes than traditional content.

Contemporary research in cognitive science and neurobiology leads us to new ways of thinking about communication at a basic, human level. This session could be considered a study in user empathy because it is about understanding users as people. It offers cognitive science and neurobiology lessons relevant to today’s content landscape, and a common language to help you bridge the communication issues with your clients, colleagues, managers, and end-users. Don’t worry – this session isn’t a jargon-filled nerd-fest, but a roadmap to navigating the world of content, today and tomorrow.

Fun fact: The entire thing has been reviewed by a practicing clinical psychologist and PhD in psychobiology.