2021: Omnichannel keynote

Reimagining content for the world of knowledge graphs

Lessons from an architect and a modeler

Just as content management systems have evolved from single-endpoint publishing platforms to become more versatile purveyors of multi-channel content, so have the information architecture requirements of the content being managed changed. A focus on presentational elements built and hierarchical content taxonomies has been superseded by using models to capture the structure and meaning of content objects in knowledge graphs.

While disruptive enough in its own right, this structural and semantic enrichment of content, in turn, facilitates connecting this content and other available data in support of superior content experiences and insights, such as the dynamic generation of personalized content, effective content recommendations, and rich analytics, which again requires an adjustment to content information architecture.

In this talk Chris and Aaron will take you on the journey from globular to structured to connected content, highlighting the conceptual, tactical, and organizational changes required to create and deploy effective omnichannel content.


What you’ll learn

  • The content information architecture requirements of successively sophisticated content ecosystems
  • How to exploit the capabilities of structured and connected content in support of superior content personalization and recommender systems
  • How to use graph-connected data in conjunction with an intelligent content information architecture to generate engaging, omnichannel content at scale