2020: Omnichannel presentation

Brand is product is marketing is operations

In the beginning… founders create a business entity, and it is good. The first moments of any new entity hold a massive concentration of energy – not unlike a big bang. You’re creating worlds that previously haven’t existed. Everything is possible. As your world expands, natural separation occurs. Things… settle.

So how do you continue tapping that latent energy, and keep your system orbiting together?

Turns out… design operations, design systems, socio-cultural programs, the end-to-end employee experience, and more – that’s the stuff that truly makes it happen. It’s the context of work that makes all the difference.

This talk will show how people persist over products, and share proven methods of working at the persistent layer of people. Especially at this critical moment on Earth, now is a terrific time to focus on the integration and intersectionality of teams.