2022: Omnichannel presentation

Moving to structure shouldn’t create just another silo

Instead of being just another silo of data, making the move to structure and a CCMS can create an opportunity to build a central publishing point for all information. Too often companies have multiple systems each containing valuable data but completely disconnected from one another. As a result, anyone looking for information ends up searching in multiple places wasting valuable time. Added to this is often uncertainty about the validity of the content – is it the latest information.

If you are not careful, the move to structured content and a CCMS is just going to compound this situation. But, with careful thought and consideration, the move to structured content can start to deliver the original vision of a ‘single source of the truth’.
Calling on many years of experience Rik will explain how you can maximize the benefit of migration to structured content.


What you’ll learn

  • How to approach the move to structured content
  • How to increase the value of a component content management system
  • How to create a more unified experience for your content consumers.