2022: Omnichannel presentation

Modelling content for omnichannel

Crack open your content models and unleash the full potential of your content! You can take steps now to prepare your content for any output imaginable (and even some you can’t imagine). To fully leverage the benefits of omnichannel, your content model needs to work for authors, users, and bleeding-edge technology. In this session, we will use a real case study to explore and demonstrate what it means to craft an optimized content model for an orchestrated, seamless, and consistent omnichannel experience. We will show you how to model the right mix of generalization and specialization so that your content can scale to any situation. Your content can have an extended lifecycle and be adaptive to the future, with or without a head for your CMS.


What you’ll learn

  • Participants will learn about the requirements for a content model designed for omnichannel (e.g., consistent, optimized, seamless)
  • Participants will understand the process of content modelling with considerations made to omnichannel
  • Participants will learn about some of the specific features to incorporate into their content models to make them omnichannel and adaptable (e.g., ID tags, semantic tags, metadata, section containers that can be further specialized for evolving content needs).