2021: Omnichannel presentation

Mixing content and data for 180 personalised outputs

This case-study-based session looks at how an organisation could mix data and content freely and flexibly in dynamic, personalised deliverables in an equally dynamic business environment.

The only constant is change. Our circumstances change, sometimes weekly. The expectations of customers change quickly. Our technologies also change, with AI, NLP, and machine learning helping to deliver more, faster, better content. And yet… content production methods have stalled.

It’s no longer about chapters, pages, or topics. Now it’s components and strings that get delivered into app interfaces, moved around and delivered according to an AI algorithm. How can content producers step up their game in a business environment where the rules are constantly changing? A strong part of the answer is creating an operational model that is both agile and flexible, and takes into account the efficiencies needed to be able to deliver into a fluid, personalised customer experience.


What you’ll learn

  • Several ways that customers expect personalisation
  • Three ways that the demand for content has developed
  • Commonalities and differences in setting up operational models for content


Notes and instructions

This session requires a solid understanding of content strategy fundamentals.