2021: Omnichannel interactive learning

Measuring the value of your technical communications team

Break and Learn Sessions are interactive Zoom sessions. You will get the most out of this session if you are able to turn on your camera and microphone to participate in the discussion. 

Instinctively, we know that technical communications are vital to the success of the company. Product documentation, customer support, how-tos, and help articles provide critical information to customers, partners, and support teams. But, when it comes to quantifying the value of our technical communications teams, we struggle.

The results of Jorsek’s 2021 survey, Measuring the Value of Technical Communications, confirms that many organizations don’t measure tech docs at all. In this session, we discuss insights gained from the survey and provide ideas on how to help you show your tech doc team’s value.



What you’ll learn

  • What indicators technical communicators use to measure their success
  • The alignment between the team and company goals
  • Where many teams get stuck in gathering, interpreting, and reporting metrics