2022: Omnichannel presentation

Designing content for the human ecosystem

How can we improve our perspective to create more meaningful content for our customers? Many techniques focus on comprehensively considering how our customers interact with us across all touchpoints. Rightly so! However, it’s also valuable to consider the array of interactions with different brands that our customers encounter synchronously along with our products and services. The human ecosystem is the interconnected system that our customers behave within.

We’ll walk through a relatable scene in which someone who is barely lifting a finger is interacting with 25+ brands at the same time. We will then explore content examples that support the dynamic human ecosystem and brainstorm how you can apply that insight back into your content design.


What you’ll learn

  • You will increase understanding and empathy for your users
  • You will generate new content ideas specific to your customers
  • You will be poised to help your customers have more meaningful interactions with your company.