2021: Omnichannel presentation

Creating human-engineered content for emerging technologies

Two years ago, Gartner predicted explosive growth of chatbots by 2020. And yet amid a crippling pandemic we’ve failed to see these advancements when we needed them most. What happened? The technology has arrived; unfortunately, the content needed to power that technology has not! You and your writing teams are the solution. The time has come to examine how we scale our systems for marketing and product content.

We can narrow the chasm between marketing and product content to understand how our brains and our machines deal with these two types of information differently. We can learn how to leverage technology to take our customer experience to the next level.

This session will explore the similarities and differences between marketing and technical content and discuss how we bring them together at scale. Discover what it means to “write for intent” and the different types of intents found across your enterprise.


What you’ll learn

  • The importance of aligning the intent of content with user intent
  • Mapping different types of intent across enterprise content
  • Threading marketing and product content for better conversations
  • Establishing a single-source to facilitate multi-modal, omnichannel delivery