2019: Omnichannel presentation

Creating adaptive medical responses to health care professionals questions

Today’s health care professionals have many ways to seek information on medical and pharmaceutical knowledge through multiple channels from calling a peer to self-serve information in dedicated medical tools.   As a pharmaceutical provider company, we are constantly challenged to provide consistent and timely information in all these preferred channels.  This leads to our journey to be able to create well-modelled adaptive content which is an innovative way to create content once and reuse everywhere.

In this session, we will explore Lilly Medical Information organisation’s adaptive content journey including best practices and challenges, transforming people, process and technologies.


What you’ll learn

  1. Attendees will be able to learn more about how pharmaceutical companies such as Medical Information organisation provide medical answers to health care professionals
  2. Learn more about the benefits of adaptive contents and the value of launching this capability
  3. Understand the journey of launching this capability including change management for people, process and technologies