2021: Omnichannel presentation

From multichannel to omnichannel

Successes and challenges along the way

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Building a sustainable omnichannel strategy is a challenge. Organisations have to adapt to digital innovations, react to unexpected events as well as change systems, content, collaboration models, and hardest of all, attitudes.

This session is the story of a journey from static multichannel publishing to supporting omnichannel experiences with a unified technical and categorisation strategy – all in the high-traffic, high-profile environment of the World Health Organization during the global COVID pandemic.

The session shows how we’ve changed how we think about and work with content using domain maps and omnichannel thinking to address the opportunities and challenges inherent in

  • modern search experiences (both onsite and third party) including knowledge panels and natural language queries
  • 100* web properties
  • multiple apps, and
  • complex interdependent groups of internal stakeholders.

What you’ll learn

  • Why you should build infrastructure, IA, and technical content strategy for the long-game with content
  • How even a simple domain model helps move content towards omnichannel-readiness
  • How to get content owners and technology enablers to work together