2021: Omnichannel presentation

Optimising your omnichannel team: A case study

It’s hard enough to build a modern digital team for maintaining your website or application. So how do you put together and optimise a great omnichannel content team?

Content Strategy specialists from the agency Crossphase have made a science of the art of hiring, assembling, and building your content team.

Last year at OmnichannelX, Tim Hanse and Tjeerd Schopman launched the Content Skill Set model they developed for building high-performing omnichannel teams. Now, after a year full of insights and real-world experience, they will follow up on their story.

Join this session and see how they’ve helped Fortune 500 tech manufacturer improve their omnichannel effectiveness and how you can apply this method to your own team.


What you’ll learn

  • What a good omnichannel team looks like
  • A measurable model of how to map your team’s talents and weaknesses
  • How to select and hired for the skills you need within your team
  • How to find ways to professionally develop the people in your teams