Omnichannel Presentation

Building a bridge between the customer and engineering

When: 15:00 - Friday, February 01                Where: Polder 1 & 2

By design, engineering teams are isolated from direct customer contact. Teams such as User Experience, Product Management, and Customer Success act as barriers, deciding what information travels between these two disparate entities. Since each of these teams have their own duties, responsibilities, and measures of success, the message to and from rarely has the complete picture necessary for the engineering team to be the true problem solvers they should be.

In this session, we will discuss how Cisco Stealthwatch is using a new team called “Pioneers” to build a bridge between customers and engineers, without cutting out the important and necessary input from partner business units.


What you’ll learn

  • What happens when an engineering team is equipped with true customer knowledge
  • How Cisco Stealthwatch conducts customer engagements
  • How the feedback loop is closed when engineering does not own the relationship with the customer
  • How content professionals can drive this type of initiative
  • How we measure success in this initiative and prove a positive ROI