2021: Omnichannel presentation

[CANCELLED] 5 years and 50 headless omnichannel implementations later

This session has been cancelled.

This will be the most boring talk of the event – probably of any OmnichannelX to date. Andrew Kumar will provide many stories of epic fails in the realms of modular content, structured and atomic content, content portability, personalization. technology and platforms, omnichannel commerce, headless, apis, editor experience, and all of the impact that these topics can have on outcomes for your business and for your end-users and customers. And lastly – a look to the future and beyond headless.


What you’ll learn

  • What not to do when setting up your omnichannel experience using headless
  • How modular systems and modular content come together for omnichannel
  • How to measure success with a KPI Framework
  • How to avoid the buzzword bingo and setup your omnichannel systems for humans
  • Beyond headless – how Content Platform is the next evolution

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