Service design sessions for omnichannel at OmnichannelX 2019

According to the Interaction Design Foundation, service design is “a process in which the designer focuses on creating optimal service experiences. This requires taking a holistic view of all the related actors, their interactions, and supporting materials and infrastructures. Service design often involves the use of customer journey maps, which tell the story of different customers’ interactions with a brand, thus offering deep insights.”

This puts Services Design at the nexus of Content Strategy, User Experience, and Governance – a perfect topic for OmnichannelX. 

Anyone who is using taking that holistic view to their work when they sit down to contribute to a service – whether that means designing, managing, or executing part of it – is in a way acting as a designer. They’re looking at requirements, considering service gaps and limitations, and working out solutions.

OmnichannelX is proud to have some excellent and respected people with “designer” in their title on the programme, and as well having content strategists and governance specialists that take a holistic view on the overall service, the organisation itself, or take ultra-deep dives into customer journeys and put in place an array of solutions that improve the service experience.

Here are some sessions on 2019 programme – lead by designers and non-designers – for those of you interested in learning more about service design and its relationship to content marketing and content strategy.

Customer journey mapping across channels

Marli is often a conference favourite with speaking credits from around Europe and North America. She’s always engaging and relatable when she tells real-life stories to share lessons from the field. In her workshop, people will learn how a comprehensive journey map provides context, structure, and a frame of reference for the user experience, and why it’s a necessary step in identifying opportunities to engage the target audience. In her session, she’ll be looking at how excellent service experiences, based on solid content strategies, help develop trust in your audience.

Driving omnichannel transformation

Marie is an ex-IBM content omnichannel content strategist who has worked with a break-taking array of channels and content types. She shared and interview with the conference sharing some lessons from her experiences bringing content together around customer needs and across channels. She’ll be running a workshop and session where attendees will learn to align multiple stakeholders, develop a shared vision, and establish the right level of standards and processes for their business context.

Governance frameworks for omnichannel

Our opening keynote speaker helps organisations design systems at the very highest level. She works with executive leadership to design governance frameworks that allow great service experiences to happen. In her session, she’ll be showing us the concrete steps organisations can take to create governing frameworks and work habits that allow them to tap into the power of an omnichannel experience, so they can support a unified approach to information management and delivery.

Customer loyalty in the Digital Age

Rob and Ellen are doing both a workshop and talk teaching attendees about their applied methodology of how to put the user at the center of the design process for information. In their session, you can find out how to develop a “Customer Loyalty Canvas”, a technique which has been used in practice for digital projects for the past 6 years and helps multidisciplinary teams deliver real value to customers.