On-demand – The importance of zooming out in your content and design strategy

Noz Urbina has been working with designers and content creators tackling the challenges of multi- and omnichannel for the last 20 years.

In that time he’s seen is a trend of counter-productive trends, like trying to create pixel-perfect mock-ups in a digital space (which gave way to responsive design) or trying to run separate mobile content strategies, sites, and CMSs (which gave way to sanity).

But what are we still doing wrong?

In OmnichannelX‘s first-ever livestream interview, Christoph Trappe of AuthenticStoryTelling.net and Noz  will discuss

  • what’s happening in brands around the world that is helping and hindering progress towards omnichannel harmony
  • why sometimes more specialism and focus is a bad thing, and
  • the (live and realtime) questions that are causing you grief when you’re trying to align content and design work around your audience.

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About Noz Urbina, Programme Director OmnichannelX

Noz will be presenting new sesions and a workshop at this year’s OmnichannelX Conference. Keep an eye on the 2021 Programme for more.

Noz’s company, Urbina Consulting, works with the world’s largest organisations and most complex content challenges, but his mission is to help all brands be able to have relationships with people, the way that people have with each other. Past clients have included Microsoft, Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals, Mastercard, Barclays Bank, Abbott Laboratories, RobbieWilliams.com, and hundreds more.

About Christoph Trappe, AuthenticStorytelling.net

Chris will be presenting a brand new session at the upcoming Omnichannel Conference. Keep an eye on the 2021 Programme for more.

Chris is a global top 14 content marketer, top 40 B2B marketer, top 100 CX thought leader and top 24 digital marketers. His blog (www.authenticstorytelling.net) has been listed as a valuable resource in the marketing industry. He’s a top 5% podcaster.

His fourth book covers the topic of Going Live to get more out of your podcast and content strategy. The book published in March 2021.