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Omnichannel pharma and healthcare

Learn how pharma brands like Lilly, Roche, Novo Nordisk & more have achieved ROI & CX benefits while reducing cost and risks.

Watch Free: Crossphase – How to build an omnichannel team

It’s hard enough to build a modern digital team for maintaining your website or application. So how do you put together and optimize a great omnichannel content team? Content Strategy specialists from the agency Crossphase has made a science of the art of hiring, assembling, and professionally developing your content people.

Why is content operations so important to omnichannel?

To understand the connection between content operations and omnichannel delivery, we first need to look at both concepts. Once we do that, we can then look at the connection points and interdependencies between the two disciplines.

The Omnichannel Quad

For omnichannel success you need to master 4 key disciplines and their interactions: content, design, governance, and systems.

Bouke Vlierhuis spotlight: 7 questions on omnichannel success

Bouke Vlierhuis of the Netherlands answers 7 questions on the who, what, where, why, and how of omnichannel strategy. Bouke has a background in everything from engineering to web design to poetry – a perfect mix to be an omnichannel content strategist!

The Omnichannel Quad topic framework

The Omnichannel Quad describes the four key domains that make an omnichannel strategy work. For success in omnichannel, you'll need them all working together.

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