What is OmnichannelX?

OmnichannelX is the world’s only truly omnichannel conference, bringing together multiple experts and disciplines under one roof to tackle a problem that none of them could tackle alone.

OmnichannelX seeks to facilitate industry advancement and growth by organising global interactive physical and digital events about omnichannel strategy so that the market can learn from leading experts, real case-studies, and each other.

What does omnichannel mean?

Omnichannel is an integrated way of thinking about people’s relationships with organisations. Rather than working in parallel, communication channels and their supporting resources are designed and orchestrated to cooperate, building a coherent, evolving, cross-channel experience.

Who should attend the Omnichannel Conference?

In times of significant change, someone has to step up to lead it: a change agent. Could that be you?

The OmnichannelX community will have lots of familiar roles like these, stepping beyond their usual comfort zones:

  • Content strategists
  • UX designers
  • Content marketers
  • Writers and editors
  • Systems architects
  • Content managers
  • Managers and creators
  • Technical communicators
  • Information architect

Brands speaking at OmnichannelX 2019

Gold sponsors


Silver sponsors

Enterprise Knowledge

Precision Content

Associate sponsors

Semantic Web Company

Organising sponsors

Omnichannel conference organising sponsor Urbina Consulting

Urbina Consulting is a content strategy consultancy that supports adaptive, multi- and omnichannel content initiatives. We work in close partnership with organisations who want to scale their content processes, speak with one voice, and build personal relationships with their audience, regardless of how they choose to connect. 

Omnichannel conference organising sponsor Kunverj

Kunverj have the event planning skills and expertise you need to create your event. At Kunverj, we have over 30 years of event planning experience and take pride in being experts in all facets of event management. Event planning is what we do and we look forward to working with you and your team every step of the way. Our services include conference design, planning, budgeting, site inspections, negotiations, onsite registrations and payments. Kunverj can do it all professionally, on time and within budget.