About the OmnichannelX conference

Although a lot of folks are practising omnichannel, there is no established community of practice. As such, companies are constantly reinventing the wheel.

Another problem is that all successful omnichannel initiatives rely on a wide range of expertise, which is frequently siloed within the organisation. Yet success depended on people working across these silos – and gaining a better understanding of the other disciplines involved.

OmnichannelX was conceived in late 2017 by content strategy specialists Noz Urbina and Elodie Eudier. And in 2018, they teamed up with Vanessa Foss, an experienced event organiser with a stellar reputation. And now you have it – the world’s first dedicated omnichannel conference!

Not just another marketing / UX / whatever conference

There are lots of places content strategists, marketers, information architects, developers, etc. can go to meet with their peers. But this doesn’t break down professional and departmental silos.

On a broader scale, there are lots of user-experience conferences where many different disciplines gather. But the focus is often diffuse.

OmnichannelX brings together a wide range of experts who have a common focus: Building strong, uniform customer communications. People who know how to break down the silos and want to share their experience with you.

It's getting harder

Today, the number of channels/touchpoints available to companies is enormous. And what worked back in 1998 doesn’t work very well today – usually because the individual touchpoints live their own isolated lives. After all, when was the last time the person who tweets for you talked with your tech team or product managers?

It’s time to stop this. This lack of coordination (or even understanding) of the various communications channels costs time and money, and can often do greater harm than good to a company’s image.

So, welcome to OmnichannelX. Everybody in the same room. A zillion different job titles. A single goal. We hope you’ll become part of it.

What is "Omnichannel"?

Omnichannel is content and experience orchestration across multiple touch-points. That means aligning content, design, governance, and systems around the customer journey.

Why should you attend?

If you are passionate about communication and want to use your talents even more effectively, this is your opportunity to learn from the best in the business.

The Omnichannel Quad

Every successful omnichannel initiative considers four key areas. This simple framework helps one understand how all effective communications are related. 

Conference organisers

Elodie Eudier

Noz Urbina

Vanessa Foss